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What we do

We are a Language Service Provider that specialises in providing translation and interpretation services our clients need in their business operations. Our core experience gained over many years covers mainly legal, financial, commercial, marketing, technical, and medical documents. Thanks to our tested and proven team of in-house personnel and freelancers, we are able to efficiently handle even large-scale projects under strong time pressure. We offer all popular languages and many of the less common ones. Depending on client needs, projects may be executed as either ordinary or certified translations.

In our approach, we rely on a combination of competence contributed by experienced professionals with skilful use of state-of-the-art technologies. While their recent fast development clearly improved the translation process, human intervention is still a must. Modern machine translation engines do quite well with simple forms of language, but their usefulness may be very limited in the case of more complex syntax or the need for a precise selection of vocabulary. Our company brings together everything necessary to make sure that a completed translation project meets the strict requirements of our clients, i.e. the human factor – many years of experience, hands-on comprehension of terminology and linguistic complexities relevant to a given register or field, excellent insider knowledge of a range of industries, synthetic approach to technological solutions, and intuitive optimisation of operating procedures. Get to know the quality of our work for free by requesting a free translation sample .

Who we are

We are a Warsaw-based company established by linguists who have been operating on the market of professional business translation for over 20 years. We are perfectly aware of what is crucial to our clients, and we know how to provide them with the best value in the most cost-effective fashion. Experience that we have been constantly gaining over many years of working for the most demanding clients has taught us that pace and quality of work, as well as confidentiality and reliability, are key in this industry. These values have always been at the core of our approach and remain our top priority.

In our work, we use the latest technologies supporting the work of translators – both our proprietary translation memories and terminology databases, as well as machine translation engines. Their evolution in recent years has allowed clients to enjoy falling service costs, while raising at the same time certain concerns about quality of the final product and confidentiality of content. Our role is to make sure that any new opportunities are applied only to the best interest of our clients (faster service and better price), with assured utmost security (consistent and reliable quality, confidentiality, and integrity of client documents).

Our regular clients include law firms, large Polish public and private companies, Polish subsidiaries of multinationals operating in various industries, government institutions, NGOs, and many others.

First things first

Here is some of the most important information about the terms and conditions governing work with our company (full version available for download below):

  • free estimate of expected costs prior to order placement,
  • orders are placed by e-mail and accepted for fulfilment upon confirmation by our representative,
  • order confirmation is subject to prior acceptance of the quoted cost by the client,
  • standard turnaround is up to 10 billing pages per day and does not include the days of order placement and delivery,
  • one billing page is 1,500 characters including spaces,
  • quotations reflect factors such as pace of work, level of language complexity, and form of the document.

Trust is an obvious part of our work. Confidentiality of documents and data entrusted to us is automatic, but it can be further confirmed with a separate confidentiality clause at the request of the client. In the case of documents of the highest level of confidentiality, projects can be completed without using external freelancers or any web-based resources. Our company operates in compliance with GDPR requirements, all data of our clients and contractors is properly and sufficiently protected.